Gardening on the Fly

Planting beans on the fly

Planting beans on the fly. The beans will use sunflowers and corn stalks for bean poles.

What a busy summer this has been. It is difficult to garden when one is out of town, and it is difficult to plan using garden produce when the kitchen is being remodeled. Now both of those issues are wonderful things, especially my daughter’s Florida wedding! But what to do with the garden?

Summer parties and the kitchen both should be finished by the end of July. This year I planned a garden for a late harvest. No summer carrots or kale or even tomatoes! I did plant potatoes (fancy ones from the Potato Garden), my saved Cherokee White Eagle Corn, and butternut squash. I rushed the squash planting right before we left town for the wedding– nothing like getting it in right under the wire. But I forgot to plant my other saved seed, the Cherokee Trail of Tears beans. Rats!! They are the most delicious green beans I have ever had.

Somehow I managed to plant my community garden plots at mostly “proper” moon times. The potatoes went in at a waning Cancer moon, the corn a waxing Cancer, and the squash, well- Sagittarius- can’t win them all.  I do this for fun, and am looking only for anecdotal stories and wondering as to whether this helps the harvest or not. It is a great deal of fun to be in rhythm with the seasons and moon cycles. Forgetting those darn beans was aggravating though.

Upon returning home I intended to plant them asap, and hang the moon time. It didn’t happen, and the next few days it didn’t happen again. I spent one day catching up on my poor neglected yard work just in time for a lovely late afternoon rain. My husband suggested going out for pizza (an advantage of no kitchen to cook in) and I agreed. Something made me check the calendar before we left, and Oh my goodness, the moon was back in waxing Cancer. My beans! The rain! Pizza! I would have to hurry as the moon would change signs in a few hours.

I had so much fun grabbing the seeds, my gloves, and a hand garden tool and hopping into the car. I think my husband smiled a bit driving me up to the community garden on the way to dinner just as the rain pittered out and the sun shone once again. He snapped this rather fuzzy picture of me crouched in between the potatoes and the young corn. It was such a joy to be there and I am not sure how long my husband patiently waited while I pulled pigweed and practically threw the bean seeds around the corn and sunflowers. This has been a garden of lessons and I shall have to write more of what I have learned. The joy in paying attention to some small nudge and having the timing go just right was a good one.


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