The New CSA in Town

Community supported agriculture

Community supported agriculture (Photo credit: yksin)

A CSA is a wonderful thing for those interested in the local food movement. If you are reading this, you may already know Community Supported Agriculture organizations are good things for farmers and consumers. The farmer grows for a group of people who purchase shares in the local produce. Simplified, this system will lower the risk for the farmer from weird weather losses or insect deprecations and at the same time offers a bounty of fresh produce for the consumer.

I dabble in eating locally. Gardening and food self-sufficiency are becoming passions, but I feel as though I have only scraped the top of what is possible there. Habits in eating convenience food are still hard to break. It is difficult to come home tired from a full time job to peeling, cooking, and eating squash or shelling lima butter-beans. Sometimes the pizza place on the way home from work is just too much temptation.

My dear husband doesn’t cook. He is quick to take me out to dinner during the week, mind you, but that saves neither money nor my (or his)  waistline. It doesn’t really save time either, as some evenings I just want to be home. My husband doesn’t cook, but he has been bemoaning the juicer he bought years ago and rarely used. Hmmm, I have an idea!

I found a CSA that sells shares in a fall garden. They are part of the Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative. The people behind the CUCI have ambitious goals to provide fresh food in depressed areas that have lost grocery stores and provide union jobs and business opportunities in local Cincinnati agriculture. I am intrigued and look forward to learning more about them through a share relationship this fall. Fall shares are mostly greens.

My retired husband has a new job!  He gets to research the myriad of juicing recipes found on the internet and plan a few green juice dinners with our CSA produce. I still get to study and learn about this new CSA and the CUCI program. We both get to “drink” a few healthy dinners each week. I look forward to posting a few juice recipes and what I find out about the (relatively) new program in town. What a win-win-win-win situation:)

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