Looking Forward to Learning About Herbs

Some of the best fun in life is that there are so many new things to try and so many new ideas to study and so many new things to grow. I have been growing food for many years and still find the relationship of the natural world to how our food blooms fascinating. I began this blog to write about growing food, but find my posts often stray into the world of foraging wild food. From foraging wild food, and learning about the medicinal uses of wild plants, I began wishing I had the time to study herb craft.

Wish and it shall be given! A friend posted a link about a new herbal magazine. However, it is not just a magazine, but is accompanied by a featured box of herbs, recipes, and the associated flower essence and essential oil. One can purchase a monthly subscription, or order the set as a single month. I ordered a one month set, and am looking forward to receiving that shipment in October.

This is perhaps the busy person’s ideal way to begin such a study.  It will be fun to write about the lessons from the box. I would love to have you join me and compare experiences! The link is http://naturalherballiving.com/


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