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Blackberries, My First Farming Venture

I love picking blackberries in my backyard every July. It is like our own private farm festival! I have learned to pick every two days, and just give the berries that look ripe a little tug to see if they … Continue reading

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Article Review: “Why to Support Labeling GM Foods” (Mother Earth News)

I just finished reading my new copy of Aug/Sept 2013 Mother Earth News magazine, not cover-to-cover like I used to, but just the bits and pieces I have grown to particularly enjoy. I don’t homestead, raise livestock, or grow my … Continue reading

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Using Weeds Wisely

All this lovely rain we have had in SW Ohio in the last week has done quite a number on my garden. The corn looks great and seems to have grown a couple feet in the last few days. My … Continue reading

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Watermelon, more than just for picnics

Watermelon is so much more than the quintessential summer picnic food. Originating in African deserts, it has been valued by African and Asian explorers in history as a portable water source. A pretty heavy water source, you might note, if … Continue reading

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