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Kale Flowers, too

As I’m enjoying eating my garden kale, it struck me that I have never seen Kale bloom. Of course it must flower, but it never makes it that far in my garden. Flowering is called “bolting”, and generally calls a … Continue reading

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Wild Food Blooms

Today I purchased┬áSambucus canadensis, also know as an Elderberry bush. The nursery employee showed me the beautiful white blossoms on one growing nearby and said, “You know you can make fritters with these. Just dip them in pancake batter, fry, … Continue reading

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Planning a Strawberry Bed

As a perennial crop, strawberries can’t be beat. They are easy- EASY- to grow and return a nearly quart of berries per plant crop for several years. I am referring to June-bearing plants, which are the ones to plant for … Continue reading

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