By the Light of the Moon

Gardening by the moon seems like such an old timey thing to do. It conjures up a time when people were closer to the earth and the cycles of life.  The disconnect between many people and how food is grown is a distressing concept. How can anyone concern themselves with global warming, diminishing water supplies, killer compost, acid rain, soil erosion, or even organic vs transgenic food when they don’t truly understand how food blooms in the land?

Moon lore suggests a time for many life activities.  Start new projects in the new moon. Bring projects to culmination at the full moon. To have an issue over and done with for good, time it for the dark of the moon.

Gardening is a busy project with many different parts. Different moon signs rule weeding, cultivating, and watering as well as planting. I have played with gardening by the moon and have a few anecdotal stories. I have been amazed when radishes planted in waning Cancer were still crisp and edible in July. Also, it does seem as if the garden stays weeded when I pull weeds out during a Sagittarius moon. Is there something to this?

Tonight the moon is in the zodiac sign of Aries, a good time to begin an experiment.  I have a packet of Blue Curled Scotch Kale seeds, and will plant two each in an eight cell pack (sixteen total seeds) and set them under grow lights. The moon will change signs every couple of days, and I will plant the same for each moon sign. It will be fun to watch and record their growth to see if there might be any differences. At the very least, I will have plenty of kale to share this summer.

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