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Serviceberry Tree

There are thousands and thousands of berries on the Serviceberry tree near the front porch of my house. It was only planted six, maybe seven years ago, but there are thousands of berries on it right now. It is unlikely … Continue reading

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Parsley Umbels

Asparagus and parsley are beautiful companion plants. Both begin low to the bare ground in the early spring, yet grow 3-4 feet tall with lovely foliage. After the asparagus harvest is over, the spears feather out into light green ferns … Continue reading

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Ah, Asparagus!

A truly sustainable backyard food gardener should certainly include asparagus. It is easy to grow, fairly drought tolerant, and with just a little bit of love will return to grace your dinner┬átable year after year. It does, however, take a … Continue reading

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How My Gardening Grows

I used to keep a larger emergency food supply than I do now. My children laughed at what they referred to as my stockpile for nuclear catastrophe, but I got it honestly from my grandmother. I remember rows and rows … Continue reading

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